E&R publishing is a portfolio company of MillsiCo

E&R was founded in 2022 by writer and businessman Simon Mills. The focus of the venture is to find leaders in their field and share their inspiring knowledge, experience, and stories. E&R is exclusively distributed by Ingram globally. The thesis is to release digitally and utilizing print on demand technology to repurpose capital otherwise spent on printing, shipping, and warehousing inventory and apply it to upfront marketing and other digital strategies. E&R also leverages the connected communities of influential authors to prime the pump and then fuel the momentum to achieve traction.

Out Now

Your Mind Is Not Your Brain—Gary Epler
Syzygies—Capturing The Hiding Sun—Glenn Sturm
Glamoury—Kim Bieber
Cancer Set Me Free—G. Sturm
Carl Moellenberg's Story
Behind The Face—Toranj Irani
The Wealth Creation Myth
A Place of Broken Dreams
The Wealth Creation Myth
Diamonds are for Cocktails